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Meruvian is a non profit organization dedicated to Java and Enterprise Opensource, based in Jakarta, Indonesia. yes Java island. We develop and manage dozens Opensource based on Java, incubate students to become Java technopreneur. Meruvian Founder by Frans Thamura, a Java Champion from Indonesia, also JUG Indonesia founder.

Meruvian is an independent research center and also independent incubator business center.

Mohamed Abdelaziz is one of the principal senior architects of Project JXTA, Peer-to-Peer Networking, at Sun Microsystems since the inception of the project. Most of Mohamed's focus has been in the areas of DHT, Discovery, Peer Resolution, Pipe, and net.jxta.socket to name a few. Mohamed's professional life before Project JXTA included research and development of Java Technologies, Data Communication, and device driver development.

Sue Abellera has worked for Sun Microsystems since 1997. Most recently she is managing the Mobile and Embedded Community management team. Prior to that she managed the Java ME Virtual Machine team.

Chris Adamson is an independent writer, editor, and developer, living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Now focusing on iPhone and Mac development, he is the co-author of iPhone SDK Development. He is also the author of QuickTime for Java: A Developer's Notebook and co-author of Swing Hacks. He was formerly the editor of, and of
He consults and publishes through his corporate identity, Subsequently and Furthermore, Inc., with a focus on user-facing and digital media development for Mac and iPhone. He blogs on digital media software development at [Time code];. In a previous career, he was a Writer / Associate Producer at CNN Headline News, and over the years, he has managed to own eleven and a half Macs.

Ozgur Akan, the founder of jEopardy Project, has been working on open source software and networking since 1996. Since learning more about the GNU project the will of doing something useful for people has never left him.

Born in Istanbul, it was early in his first year of university that he first meet linux and GNU. Being one of the founders of the Turkey PHP Group, he wrote several articles in monthly magazines. Getting deeper into networking and linux he finally started to work on the linux kernel which inspired him to create a tool based on netfilter.

Lance is a Principal Member of Technical Staff at Oracle Corporation. He is also the JDBC specification lead as well as the Java EE technical lead for Java Partner Engineering . Prior to joining Sun in September 2000, Lance worked at Sybase as a senior manager and staff engineer within Product Support Engineering. When he is not burning the midnight oil for Sun, Lance teaches tennis. You can check out his tennis website for more info.

is a principal software engineer with Verocel, Inc., a company specializing in the verification of safety-critical software.
Previously, he spent three years in Sun's Jini group working on Jini, JavaSpaces, and related technologies. Scott has 20+ years of software development experience and has been using Java since version 1.02.

Rodrigo Andueza is a staff Engineer at Oracle for the Application Integration Architecture(AIA) Support team in Chile. He's been involved in Java software development project for the past 4 years, working with different technologies like JavaDB, OpenESB, XML, Oracle Databases and Object Modeling and Oracle Identity Management technologies. He is a former Sun Campus Ambassador worked for over two years incubating Open Source Java related projects and communities in Universities all over the country. He also gives support to the adoption of Java related technologies at the Government and other big enterprises.

New blog here.

Ken Arnold is an object oriented and distributed system design addict. He is a programmer and author who helped create Jini, JavaSpaces, Curses, and Rogue.

Dave Astels has been developing hardware and software solutions for more
than 20 years in domains ranging from environment control systems to
electrical energy trading systems to mass market products. Since the late
1980s he has been working exclusively with object technologies. Since the
late 1990s, he has been studying, using, evangelizing, and teaching Agile
Development processes and practices. He has coauthored/authored two books
for Prentice Hall: "A Practical Guide to eXtreme Programming" and
"Test-Driven Development: A Practical Guide". He co-founded and runs
Adaption Software, Inc.

Christopher Atlan is a 19 years old programmer from Austria. He is interested in Swing and NetBeans, as well as Mac OS X Java issues.

Calvin Austin is chief architect and director of engineering at He previously led the J2SE 5.0 release at Sun Microsystems and also led Sun's Java on Linux port.

Vikas Awasthi is an engineer in the JavaEE application server group at Sun Microsystems. He contributes to the glassfish project. Currently he is working on JavaEE service engine that helps in bridging JBI with JavaEE. Before this he was working on the development of a portability checking tool, AVK. His prior experiences include development of EJB container and development of Java messaging server.
Vikas works from the Bangalore center of Sun Microsystems.

Mamadou Lamine Ba is a software architect from Senegal. He enjoys reading and writing because he believes that sharing leads to innovation. In this blog, you can read his thoughts as humble contribution to make the Java Community cleverer than it is.

Richard is a longtime speaker and member of the Swing Team at Sun Microsystems. He has his roots as an application developer turned toolkit developer and is the lead of the component toolkit API for JavaFX. He is a frequent presenter and teams up frequently with other UI luminaries to produce demos for JavaOne and other conferences. As an application developer he had a specific penchant for databases and multi-tier design,

Neeraj Bajaj is a member of the technical staff in the web technology and standards group at Sun Microsystems. He has been working in the area of core XML processing related technologies for more than 4 yrs. He is the architect of Sun Java Streaming XML Parser and the co-spec lead of JAXP 1.4. He has contributed in the development of Apache open-source Xerces2-J project and implementation of JSR 60 (JAXP 1.2), JSR 206 (JAXP 1.3) , JSR 173 (StAX) and JAXP 1.4.

Awais Bajwa has been a java technology evangelist and opersourece supporter throughout his professional life. He currently works as a J2EE consultant for Emirates Airlines DUBAI, and has been working in Java and its related technologies since 2000. His areas of interest are distributed architectures and enterprise world. After joining Java Community Process two years back as an individual member, he participates actively in JCP activities, and is an expert group member of JSR 243 Java Data Objects. He loves to play cricket, listen to music and party with friends.

Oyvind Bakksjo is a senior software engineer, working for Sun Microsystems' Database Technology Group in Trondheim, Norway.
He's currently occupied with development on the Apache Derby database, where he's a committer. Previously, he has been working on the Clustra high-availability database management system. Oyvind likes working with Java in all "sizes", from ME through SE to EE. He is dedicated to parallel algorithms, multi-threaded programming and writing rock-solid code, never willing to sacrifice readability or maintainability.

Tom Ball is a software engineer at Google, working on Java development tools. He has been working with Java since 1994 as part of the JDK, AWT, Swing, Jackpot, and NetBeans teams, and is a contributor to the JavaFX Script compiler team. Tom considers programming a craft, and is always looking for new tools and techniques to improve it.

Programming since early days of personnal computing around 1983, Frederic Barachant has been through many machines and languages and now concentrates on java.
I've been working in the graphic industry for years as an independent graphist, doing 3D images for corporate companies, films, tv shows and games. I have been the author of a compositing application, developped in the company i founded, I/O labs.
My interest is in anything that relates to graphic programming and animation.

The views expressed on this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Oracle and/or Sun.

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Phil Bartholo is the Mobile and Embedded Community Editor and Web Technologist. He recently rejoined Sun Microsystems after working several years on Java Enterprise applications as a developer and manager. Previously, he worked on the web team for the website.

Mark Basler is currently part of the Sun's Java BluePrints team and helped create the Java BluePrints Solution Catalog, Java Pet Store 2.0 reference application and many Java BluePrints articles. His other contributions include the design and development of key components for Sun's Java System Application Server, Glassfish open source project, Sun's Download Center and eCommerce suites. Before joining Sun, Mark was a consultant for enterprise production systems, specializing in high-volume eCommerce software.

Alan Bateman is an engineer at Sun Microsystems working in the JDK Core team. For the last three years he has been a member of the J2SE Serviceability team where he worked on the implementation of the profiling and monitoring interfaces for the J2SE platform (JSR-163). He has also worked on a number of features in the debugging and diagnostic areas. Prior to that he worked in the netwoking area (J2SE Security & Networking team). He has recently taken over as spec lead for the long awaited JSR-203 (More New I/O APIs for the Java Platform)."

Atul Batra is Sun's representative on the OASIS Web Services
for Remote
Portlets (WSRP) Technical Committee and is also an
architect/lead in the
Sun Java System Portal Server product group.

Charles Beckham is the chief architect for Java Enterprise Tools at Sun Microsystems. He is currently focused on Sun's SOA strategy and tools. Prior to joining Sun in 1998 he was the principal consultant for NetDynamics.

Kevin Bedell is a software professional with over 15 years of experience doing development, architecture and team lead work. He is editor-in-chief of LinuxWorld Magazine, works for Black Duck Software, and is writing a book for O'Reilly on Apache Axis. He holds a degree in Engineering from Michigan Tech and an MBA from the Crummer
Graduate School of Business at Rollins College in Winter Park, FL. He's a Sun Certified Java Programmer and has earned MCSE Certification from Microsoft. Kevin's current areas of professional interest are J2EE technologies, XML and Web Services. He's an ardent Open Source proponent and has coauthored a book on Jakarta Struts.
Kevin has made a living in the computer industry long enough to remember using punch cards for his first college programming course. He lives with his lovely wife and three children at their home in New Hampshire where he spends what free time he has working in his garden and watching reruns of Seinfeld. Visit Kevin's Web site at

Eugene Belyaev is the president and chief technology officer of JetBrains,
Inc. With a PhD in Economics and an MS in Computer Science, Eugene Belyaev
has more than nine years' experience working with human-computer interaction
(HCI) as he honed his skills at user interface design and software usability
on a wide range of end-user application development projects. For the past
five years he has focused on creating and perfecting complex tools for
developers in the real world.

Phil Bender is CableLabs' OpenCable Business Relations Project Director. His role is to promote application development on the OpenCable Platform for the cable TV industry. Phil is the Project Leader of the OpenCable Project on