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Two kinds of Java ME on TV

What with the doubling
of disc sales, better
quality players (and even ones that will rent the
movie for you...), increased
availability and rumored
inclusion on the Mac, its easy to think of the only Java apps
you'll see on your TV will be the ones that come on a BluRay
disc. (And you can create them in the recently
released all-in-one Java ME SDK)

But not so !

excellent article on the Java programming environment for TV set-top
boxes is a reminder that other kind may be interactive TV apps that
arrive down the wire from your cable operator as you watch a show. The OCAP
Java API for settop boxes encompasses bound applications that are closely
tied to the TV channel you're looking at: Sports scores and team
records, integrated on-screen celebrity gossip, to unbound ones that have nothing to
do with any particular TV channel: live gaming, TV listings...