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Trending towards JavaOne

The Janitor isn't one to fall
prey to the latest trends, but there's one trend that this week will
follow: there won't be much news this week about Java SE, Java ME,
JavaFX or JavaCard before the start of JavaOne next week.

But if you go by what people are searching for, its easy to see the cyclical
nature of the interest in the JavaOne show, where many of the
companies involved in Java save up their technology announcements. And
you can clearly see the growing
interest in JavaFX since May 2007 when it was announced, in
JDK 7 since the release of Java SE 6 in December 2006, continued
interest in Java TV (stay tuned), and in Java
updates. Even Project
Vector is showing an interesting recent spike.

And in a trend few would have predicted
for JavaOne in 2001, Microsoft
will be giving a keynote (about interoperability
with .NET).