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Web Services and XML Related Items on

WebLEAF, a web development servlet framework.
Grupo de Usuários Java de Santa Catarina
Identity services implementation for web applications *INACTIVE PROJECT*
S. W. Eran Chinthaka introduces he AXIOM object model of Apache Axis 2, whose option of "deferred building" allows you to parse some of an XML file without getting all of it, and to enjoy both event-based and document-based access.
May 10, 2005
Jamecs is the JAva ManagEd Content System, a full-featured, Open Source Community CMS for the Java(tm) 2 Enterprise Edition Web Environment, combining JDBC-driven content with the flexibility of advanced Java Technologies and a rich, flexible CMF API.
A GUI for otter and mace
This JSR defines an interface to an Order Management component.
OSS/J Presentation & Reporting
OSS/J Clients
COVAD OSS/J-based Trouble Ticket System
Very small footprint <60K Java Web Server and J2EE servlet container with JSP support. Ideal for embedded applications
jMaki: A way of representing JavaScript widgets in Java.
Service & Business Mgt, OSS/J, Extensions
Service & Business Mgt, OSS/J, Adapters
General purpose utility classes, similar to Apache Commons; heavily uses Java Generics. Maps, Objects, Strings, Files, Web classes. A separate library for XML handling.
An innovative project for the Blood Donors Italian Association
Object to Object Mapping Framework
Relational support for Universal Business Language.