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Web Services Interoperability Technology
David Walend cuts through the SOA hype by defining the traits that epitomize service oriented architectures, and spells out what they can do for you.
April 4, 2006
Persistence layer for JAXB objects.
Full-text search for JAXB objects
Java EE Samples
Wind energy monitoring system
XSL Generator from Source to Target XSD. Capability to assign metadata, maps to Database from any XSD or XSD to XSD. Auto mapping capability between XSDs. Automapping provides XSL in less than a minute. Use XSL from automap to speed up development.!
Open (Gene) Regulatory Annotation Database
Binildas C. A. introduces the Enterprise Service Bus and shows how to develop an ESB application that coordinates multiple services in an enterprise application.
October 18, 2005
Performance Monitoring Agents using AspectJ and JMX