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A system for social news, bookmarking, and metadata
web-based phone alert system
COBOL/CICS integration using XML Schema, JAXB and JAXWS. The project generates XML binding for COBOL structures and Web Services endpoints.
In this article, Sowmya Hubert & Binildas C. A. look at the Java API for XQuery and how you can use it in your SOA applications.
April 19, 2007
asynchronous pipelining infrastructure
Thessaloniki JUG - The JUG in the heart of Southeastern Europe Visit also:
XML 2 Java Binding (X2JB) is a Java development tool intended for binding of XML entities to Java interfaces and classes (but not vice versa).
UDDI Binding Component
Schema Oriented XML Marshaller
JAX-RS: Java API for RESTful Web Services
Java Brasil User Group is a forum to discuss and promote Java technology in Portuguese language where newbies and students are welcome.
Costa Rica Java User Group
Project Reveille: End-to-End Technology Demonstration
This is technology club formed in IIT Kanpur formed under the umbrella of Sun Academic initiative and Sun Campus ambassador program
An extensible and W3C-conforming DOM Level1 implementation.
This project involves the US, Cambodia and India.
This project involves the US, Cambodia and India.
We are a large and active Java User Group in Singapore; we hold meeting every 6 to 8 weeks in central Singapore with guest speakers who present on a wide and varied topics associated with Java. We also have a lively mailing list, which we use as a discussion forum. We welcome all comers and levels; our goal is to provide a forum and a place where Java developers can discuss the language and all its associated APIs and to foster a community of Java developers within Singapore and beyond.