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This is a free online course called "J2EE Programming with Passion!" which is being taught by Sang Shin of Sun Microsystems.
Java Open Source initiative in Brazil
Sue Spielman continues her JSTL series, looking at internationalization, and XML and SQL abilities.
November 27, 2003
Hellenic Java User Group (
Velocity is a fast and easy-to-use Java-based templating engine. Velocity's speed, ease of use, and flexibility contribute to its use in a broad range of applications, including code generation, email templating, and web user-interface creation.
December 16, 2003
The JSP Standard Tag Library allows page authors to make use of easy-to-learn, easy-to-use standard actions for common ways we deal with presentation.
October 7, 2003
Learn how to take control of your own layout manager to get more control over the appearance of your layout.
August 14, 2003