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A Tiny MVC Framework for use in Web Applications
JUG of CSUP, is a group of undergraduates in area of faculty of science, university of peradeniya, who share an interest in Java technology. Many of us work with Java in our academic career. Others are students who love to worked with Java.
This group is from the program Sun Campus Ambassadors in the Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico. In this grupo we try to evangelize our fellows to the Java Technology.
This project provides the Presence API Infrastructure
Java User Group Marche
Comunidad de Desarrolladores Mexicanos.
Bulgarian Association of Software Developers (BASD) is a non-profit organization that actively supports the professional advance of the Bulgarian developers. It works for encouragement of experience exchange between them and improvement of their knowledge and skills in the area of software design and development. The Association organizes conferences, seminars and training courses for software development and software technologies specialists.
Johannesburg Java User Group. Please visit for more information
Diego Adrian Naya Lazo shows you how to configure, run, and customize ClickStream to track users' movement through your site.
September 6, 2007
Project Open Provisioning ToolKit (OpenPTK) is as an open source User Provisioning Toolkit exposing Java API's, RESTful Web Services, JSP Taglibs, JSR-168 Portlets and WSDL-based Web Services with user self-service and administration examples. The architecture supports several pluggable back-end services including Oracle's Identity Manager, Sun's Identity Manager, Sun's Access Manager, JDBC and LDAPv3
Mojarra Scales JSF Component Library
The Bulgarian Java User Group is an organization of the Bulgarian developers interested especially in Java. We gather every month and discuss topics that are closely connected with the Java language. To become member of the group, the only thing to do is registrate on the web-site and attend our meetings whenever it is possible.
The Altoona Java Users Group is a collection of individuals that gather to discuss Java Technologies and Java code development.
Java User Group SIENA
A user group in downtown Madison for all those interested in Java and Java related technologies.
Simple API for Workflow
Web Designer Plugins for designing and previewing portal's L&F
Daniel López shows how to use Groovy for the business logic of a fully MVC web app, swapping around view frameworks to prove its flexibility.
June 19, 2007
An open source application learning framework.
Chris Hardin shows how to use Ajax as part of reusable JSF components.
June 7, 2007
The Java User's Group website for Charlotte, NC. Focused on supporting a vibrant community through education and networking. Meets monthly
Java User Group in Berlin, Germany
Friendly Java-focused community in Kiev, Ukraine.
The XAMJ project aims to build a pure Java web browser and RIA platform that can not only render HTML well, but can also render rich internet applications by leveraging the Java platform.
A web based framework to securely co-browse web applications
Thessaloniki JUG - The JUG in the heart of Southeastern Europe Visit also:
Aimed at high school level or below, greenfoot is a combination between a framework for creating two-dimensional grid assignments in Java and an integrated development environment (class browser, editor, compiler, execution, etc.) suitable for novice programmers.
Ribeirão Preto Java User Group