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Networked Bay Environmental Assessment and Monitoring Stations
The CEJUG Classifieds (RSS Based)
Zebra is a java workflow engine with a Apache Turbine sample application.
Enterprise Java Australia is an industry group dedicated to J2EE development. Enterprise Java encourages collaboration and co-operation. Enterprise Java is committed to assisting companies understand and develop skills in J2EE and its applications.
P2P Bioinformatics Services
Ant Task to rename packages.
Multilingual free Java CMS with fulltext search based on AppFuse
Java User Group do Instituto de Computacao - UNICAMP
A Tool to Monitor Traffic on TCP Connections Please note that this project has been moved to Google Code at
The project has moved to
SwingWeb is an AWT toolkit implementation that enables AWT/Swing applications to be deployed in web container and run on the client browser as web-based application in HTML/Javascript/CSS without any code change on the application.
Jxp is a template engine/script processor that processes scripts containing text+java code to produce text output. The script syntax is like jsp (without taglib) except that it is much simpler and the script is interpreted instead of compiled.
Build around JDBC and XML, this tool allows you to maintain visual repesentations of a database's layout, edit table's data, generate code to bind objects to tables, and export and import data in XML format to easely move data from one database to another.
This project provides glue code for comprehensive integration of JSF (JavaServer Faces) and the Spring framework. This is done in a implementation independent way so that it can be used with any JSF implementation.
Class Viewer for Java
Facilitating and Investigating Distributed Collaboration
Antmod - modular Ant-based Build, Versioning and Release System
jFM - File manager web application
The Club des Utilisateurs de Java collaborative project
Java implementation of IEEE 1451 Smart Transducer Interface
This is a free online course called "J2EE Programming with Passion!" which is being taught by Sang Shin of Sun Microsystems.
Java Open Source initiative in Brazil
Hellenic Java User Group (
BlueOxygen Projects
San Diego Java User's Group