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WebObjects on FileMaker 7
Full-text search for JAXB objects
Java EE Samples
Journal access in a box
A set of extensions for JavaServer(tm) Faces Technology
A Portlet using XML/XSLT to render mode views
Open (Gene) Regulatory Annotation Database
Java Flash Player
Performance Monitoring Agents using AspectJ and JMX
WebLEAF, a web development servlet framework.
Grupo de Usuários Java de Santa Catarina
Design-time metadata for JavaServer Faces Components (JSR-276)
Web based database administration tool
Identity services implementation for web applications *INACTIVE PROJECT*
The original Facelets projects. Note active development is done at
Jamecs is the JAva ManagEd Content System, a full-featured, Open Source Community CMS for the Java(tm) 2 Enterprise Edition Web Environment, combining JDBC-driven content with the flexibility of advanced Java Technologies and a rich, flexible CMF API.
OSS/J Presentation & Reporting
jMaki: A way of representing JavaScript widgets in Java.
Object to Object Mapping Framework
Contains modules, add-ons and integration tools for Spring.
Networked Bay Environmental Assessment and Monitoring Stations
The CEJUG Classifieds (RSS Based)
Zebra is a java workflow engine with a Apache Turbine sample application.
Enterprise Java Australia is an industry group dedicated to J2EE development. Enterprise Java encourages collaboration and co-operation. Enterprise Java is committed to assisting companies understand and develop skills in J2EE and its applications.
P2P Bioinformatics Services
Ant Task to rename packages.
Multilingual free Java CMS with fulltext search based on AppFuse
Java User Group do Instituto de Computacao - UNICAMP
A Tool to Monitor Traffic on TCP Connections Please note that this project has been moved to Google Code at