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ULC JGraph Integration
ULC's complement to James Elliott's relative layout
Polish-speaking Java User Group in the capital of Poland - Warsaw
Support of Struts 2 in NetBeans IDE
Charting Widgets using jMaki
AJAX web mail application
Javalab is a virtual lab of Java technologies where italian Novara Jugs members can develop, test and publish code, files and organize meetings in order to share happiness to think in Java and to have good food
JawFlow is a Workflow Engine partially conformal to WfMC ( directives, completely written in Java using JMX technology. It understands XML Process Definition Language (XPDL) and can be customized using activities written in Java or in any scripting language supported by BSF
Java User Group dedicated to educating developers about Java and related technologies.
Open Content Delivery Server is a platform for content delivery.
A simple Java API for accessing the Flickr REST services
An enterprise-class open source Web Services for Remote Portlets
Educational Portal
doclet implemented as a servlet
Pulse is a java portal solution providing easy to use, extensible patterns for creating rich browser based web applications and websites. It delivers a set of out-of-the-box components, such as Content Management (CMS), webshops, user management...
Simflet is a simple MVC framework for JSR-168 portlet.
A repository of open source portlets
Jini Grid tuple space
JSF framework for defining pages + other utilities.
Easy to use java reporting solution
Jeti is a Java Jabber client that supports most chat features such as file transfer, group chat, emoticons, and formatted messages. It can be used as an application or as a web applet.
Web Services Interoperability Technology
AJAX for JavaServer Faces
A set of extensions for Struts aimed at Java 5 users. Adds features such as validation-based annotation and data binding, dependency injection and POJO actions to the basic Struts 1.2 framework
Persistence layer for JAXB objects.