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VisualAp is a visual framework for building application and systems based on visual components. Users can add their own visual components in order to extend the capability of VisualAp.
Javascript/CSS bundling and compressing tool for java web apps.
Very powerful JavaEE web library. It is used in all of my JavaEE-Projects. The current productive version is 2.0
Java utility class library. Mentionable classes are the simple but powerful SQLBuilder, the DTO parser and serializer classes (JSON, XML). The library is used in all of my Java projects. The current productive Version is 2.0.
Service Oriented Network Virtualization Solution
Grupo de Usuario de Java en Tacna.
Java User Group based in Genova, Italy
The main motivation for Super Csv is to be the best, fastest and most programmer friendly free CSV package for Java. Super Csv's unique features raises the bar and sets a new standard for CSV packages. Super Csv is designed around solid Object-oriented principles, and thus aims to leverage your Object-oriented code, making it easier to write and maintain.
Open source project for creating Data Service solutions
Open source project for creating Data Quality solutions
Open source project for creating MDM, ETL solutions
Another Hungarian Java User Group, wiki based Hungarian knowledge base.
Kangaroo-egg is a new webserver, it use Java language developed. It followed HTTP1.1 protocol and has DQM script language and container(very like Servlet/JSP). So it can used in medium or small web application. Our believe it will become a popular webserver soon.
OGC Schemas compiled with JAXB 2
To be a meeting point for all JAVA Technology users and developers. Opening possibilities for collaboration and knowledge interchange between beginners and senior developers.