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Transylvania Java User Group
Everything about the JVM in the New England Area
Java User Group for those in the Kansas City metro area.
Weighing roughly 45KB, rupy is probably the smallest Java NIO HTTP server in the world. Rupy is inherently non-blocking asynchronous, which makes it the ideal candidate for high concurrency real-time applications serving dynamic data. Tested with acme, rupy performs on average ~1500 requests per second (RPS). To put that figure in perspective; acme doesn't use keep-alive, so that means 1500 unique TCP connections serving dynamic content per second! Thanks to NIO and an event queue to avoid selector trashing, this figure degrades gracefully under high concurrency.
open-source Service Provisioning Markup Language
The ctjug was created by the Java development comunity in Cape Town. We meet once every second month for a presentation and a general get together. The meetings are an ideal place to meet other programmers and exchange ideas. There are no fees required to join the ctjug and all are welcome, no matter what your level of java is and none programmers are welcome too (management etc.).