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<font size="2" face="Arial,Verdana,sans-serif"> <p>The next generation will take exams online by computer based software tools. One of the challenge in such online exam systems are scalability, ability to support more number of concurrent access. <strong>Skill Evaluation Lab</strong>, an advanced exam management system uses Java EE architecture for achieving high scalability and performance.&nbsp;</p> <h3>What is online exam?</h3> <p>Conducting exams on computer network without traditional paper style is called online exams. There will be one or more centralized server to store all exam data and each exam taker will be connected to this server by LAN/WAN or internet.</p> <h2>Challenge in conducting online exams</h2> <h3>Scalability:</h3> <p>This is the most critical non functional QoS we must consider to conduct online exams. I read many failure stories about online exam management systems which are got crashed when there is more load.</p> <h3>Performance:</h3> <p>This is another important non functional QoS for exam systems. What will happen if the system taking too long/failed to respond for taking exams. The system should perform same speed even when there are more concurrent access.</p> <h3>Security:</h3> <p>This very important for exam system where candidates can not access question papers/answers before writing exams. Each role will be allowed to perform based on permissions set. The security model should arrest all possible cheatings like multi login, view admin panels, view answers,etc.</p> <h3>Why Java EE?</h3> <p>Java Enterprise Edition platform is the proven architecture model which supports any kind scalability. With the help of server clustering and load balancing, any EJB centric designed Java EE architecture can scale and perform well for more concurrent users.</p> <h2>What is Skill Evaluation Lab?</h2> <p>This is an <a href="">Online Exam Software</a> developed by Java EE certified architect from world&#39;s best Java Certification exam software solution vendor. They are not only expert in Java technology and also have enough knowledge in exam software solutions. Their exam solutions reached all over the world (around 150+ countries). You can find tons of articles and videos about this product by searching &quot;Skill Evaluation Lab&quot; keyword on web.&nbsp;</p> <h3>Where it can be used?</h3> <p>The answer is simple, anywhere. It can suit into any kind of organization such as IT Organizations for employment testing and training, Recruitment Agencies for employment exams, Training Companies for practice exams, Universities for practice exams or conducting real exams with world&#39;s first web pen mouse writing solution, Government Organizations for conducting exams and Schools/Colleges for practice exams.</p> <h3>Scalability proved package</h3> <p>The application has been tested with many load testing tools and also tested on client&#39;s environment with more than 2000 concurrent access on single server node with just 3GB RAM.</p> <h2>Features of Skill Evaluation Lab</h2> <p>You can watch this youtube video to know the features. <a href=""></a></p> <ul> <li>Role based access to match with real-life users for colleges or schools.</li> <li>User management with grouping hierarchy. So that we can generate reports under group level for ranking or appreciation.</li> <li>Test and Question Management can be done by XL sheet or from web editors.</li> <li>Question can have images, flash files, video, audio or any attachments.</li> <li>Exam manager can create voice questions by recording their voice on desktop phone.&nbsp;</li> <li>Multi-language support to create questions in any language.&nbsp;</li> <li>The product will evaluate and generate results instantly.&nbsp;</li> <li>Answer evaluation for pen writing or descriptive type can be done manually by user friendly evaluation screens.&nbsp;</li> <li>An instant communication alerts for all test events by email or SMS.&nbsp;</li> <li>Test Monitor to view current test event status.&nbsp;</li> <li>Improve organization/college/school skill levels by Test/topic comparison charts by measuring overall weakness areas.</li> </ul> <h2>Technology and Environment</h2> <p>The product can be deployed on local or remote server. 100% open source platform and no commercial license required for running this application. The product requires Java EE 4 or above enabled JBoss application server and MySQL database.&nbsp;</p> <h2>Benefits of Skill Evaluation Lab for corporates:</h2> <h3>Employment Test:</h3> <p>Measure and shortlist candidates based on actual skills by Skill Evaluation Lab exams instead of blind-doctored resumes</p> <h3>Employment Training:</h3> <p>Create practice or quiz exams to improve knowledge in specific skills that are required for your employees. Easy to differentiate employee skill levels for different assignments.&nbsp;</p> <h2>Benefits of Skill Evaluation Lab for education sectors:</h2> <h3>University or School Tests:&nbsp;</h3> <p>Cut-down your training cost by Skill Evaluation Lab practice exams. Move from traditional paper based exams to next generation computer based exams. Track candidates/faculties skill level and improve.</p> <h3>What is next?</h3> <p>Go to this vendor site trial at <a href=""></a> and take test drive. Contact them and get the software package for your company/college/school and enjoy making online exams. Thanks for listening my article, hope you can conduct online exam by using this software.&nbsp; <strong>Cheers !</strong></p> </font >