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The Northern Virginia Java Users Group is a professional organization with over two thousand members, promoting the education of Software Engineering in general, and the use of Java and related technologies in particular. We meet regularly to network and attend high quality technical presentations. Traditionally, the NovaJUG has two standing meetings a month, on the second Wednesday and fourth Tuesdays. The meetings are in the McLean and Reston, Virginia areas respectively.
Web dedicado a la difusión de la tecnología JAVA en Perú - Lima. realizando eventos y asesorando en tecnología JAVA
A test framework for Scala and Java programmers.
Add support for testing backward compatibility to a CI server.
The Java IDE (Written In Java)
VisualAp is a visual framework for building application and systems based on visual components. Users can add their own visual components in order to extend the capability of VisualAp.
Java User Group based in Genova, Italy
Micro jars for assembling larger structures.
Paris Java User Group
JUG of CSUP, is a group of undergraduates in area of faculty of science, university of peradeniya, who share an interest in Java technology. Many of us work with Java in our academic career. Others are students who love to worked with Java.
Compile-time and run-time removing log calls (or wrapping it into if (log.isDebugEnabled()) ) for performance purposes
This group is from the program Sun Campus Ambassadors in the Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico. In this grupo we try to evangelize our fellows to the Java Technology.
Comunidad de Desarrolladores Mexicanos.
Create the courseware for Java Teaching
The Bulgarian Java User Group is an organization of the Bulgarian developers interested especially in Java. We gather every month and discuss topics that are closely connected with the Java language. To become member of the group, the only thing to do is registrate on the web-site and attend our meetings whenever it is possible.
Runtime libs, example and test code for Systronix TrackBot
The Altoona Java Users Group is a collection of individuals that gather to discuss Java Technologies and Java code development.
Java User Group SIENA
Java implementation of QuickCheck
A user group in downtown Madison for all those interested in Java and Java related technologies.
OSS/J TT Performance Benchmarking
This project involves the US, Cambodia and India.
Framebuffer AWT and Swing peers
Scriba is a prototyping, scripting environment for Java-based scripting languages supporting the JSR 223 standard scripting API. It allows intermixing different languages within a single runtime execution environment and a user interface inspired by the Mathematica notebook concept. Common uses are experimentation with a new library, prototyping of pretty much any type of functionality, debugging existing code, writing test scripts etc. It has BeanShell and JScheme integrated with good support for code completion in BeanShell mode. It integrates an HTML editor that allows a literate programming of scripting development.
The UISpec4J project makes GUIs more testable and is well suited to agile development processes like Extreme Programming.
May 17, 2007
An Eclipse plugin for testing code that uses legacy code
Artificial Intelligence distributed testing environment.