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Another Hungarian Java User Group, wiki based Hungarian knowledge base.
Peppy is a NetBeans plugin that displays context sensitive help
Image and tile editor
Paris Java User Group
Joshua Marinacci shows you how to adding maps to your Swing app can be as simple as dropping a JXMapViewer component into a NetBeans layout.
October 30, 2007
JUG of CSUP, is a group of undergraduates in area of faculty of science, university of peradeniya, who share an interest in Java technology. Many of us work with Java in our academic career. Others are students who love to worked with Java.
We run the local JUG for the province of Mendoza and surrounding provinces. Our goal is to gather the Java developers of the region and hava a single meeting point as a community.
Este grupo tiene la finalidad de dar a conocer la tecnologia Java en la UAM-I, para promover la formacion de habilidades y conocimientos, y asi transmitir lo aprendido.
This group is from the program Sun Campus Ambassadors in the Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico. In this grupo we try to evangelize our fellows to the Java Technology.
Java User Group Marche
Jan Haderka introduces a new behavior to JLists to allow users to "fling" off the top or bottom of the list and have the scrolling continue briefly as a result of the gesture.
September 27, 2007
Comunidad de Desarrolladores Mexicanos.
Tools to use for solar energy promotion
Towards a "unified community" for Java imaging developers
Create the courseware for Java Teaching
Mathematical Expression Layout Manager
Ripple effects for Swing applications
TMap Designer is a desktop application to design thematic maps
Swing Generics Support
Swing Look And Feel Demo Application
The Bulgarian Java User Group is an organization of the Bulgarian developers interested especially in Java. We gather every month and discuss topics that are closely connected with the Java language. To become member of the group, the only thing to do is registrate on the web-site and attend our meetings whenever it is possible.
Properties for the Java language
The Altoona Java Users Group is a collection of individuals that gather to discuss Java Technologies and Java code development.