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UKJUGS is a community of individuals with a common interest in Java. Our primary aim is to promote the adoption and understanding of Java and related technologies. Through our activities we aim to help beginners learn the fundamentals of Java programming and also assist those who are familiar with Java to discover new technologies.
Java User Group Macedonia
Java User Group Erlangen-Nürnberg. This group is for every one who is interested in java and related technolgy and is located in the region Nuremberg/Erlangen in germany. We meet regularly to discuss java topics and listen to a lot of known speakers of the java community.
spline toolkit for use and interactive edition
The universal decorator for the Swing components
Orders management and printing at an Italian summer events
A community participatory website for the Java Tutorials.
Java user group for Java developers int he greater Eastern Washington / Northern Idaho, greater Spokane Washington area. Meets monthly from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm Pacific Time, on the 4th Friday of each month. Meeting location details posted on website and in email list. is a non profit organization dedicated to help J2ee developer community by providing solutions to real life coding issues and design.
UIDL (User Interface Description Language) is a project which aims to create a scriptable, JavaScript based language for expressing complex user interfaces. The aim is to develop a universal client which will display UIDL pages with the same ease with which HTML pages are displayed.
The Northern Virginia Java Users Group is a professional organization with over two thousand members, promoting the education of Software Engineering in general, and the use of Java and related technologies in particular. We meet regularly to network and attend high quality technical presentations. Traditionally, the NovaJUG has two standing meetings a month, on the second Wednesday and fourth Tuesdays. The meetings are in the McLean and Reston, Virginia areas respectively.
Web dedicado a la difusión de la tecnología JAVA en Perú - Lima. realizando eventos y asesorando en tecnología JAVA
The Java IDE (Written In Java)
VisualAp is a visual framework for building application and systems based on visual components. Users can add their own visual components in order to extend the capability of VisualAp.
Service Oriented Network Virtualization Solution
Scene Graph for JavaFX
Grupo de Usuario de Java en Tacna.
Client/Server Multiplayer Boggle Game
jezve - java code brewed in small pots
A flexible grid based layout
Grupo de Usuário Java do Cerrado Brasileiro
Support for binding SwingX components on Genesis project.
Micro jars for assembling larger structures.
Joshua Marinacci puts JXMapViewer to work by showing how you can bring in geographic data from external sources and use Painters to create custom geodata GUIs.
November 13, 2007