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High Level Logic (HLL) is a framework for intelligent applications that is easy to understand and use, even by less experienced programmers.
Web site for the Richmond Java Users Group, Richmond, VA
Hifaces provides JSF 2.0 demos, samples, ready-to-use solutions as well as components and tools for everyday use.
This article demonstrates a method for simulating web services using servlets.
February 16, 2010
The official Java User Group of Democratic Republic of the Congo dedicated to educating developers about Java and related technologies.
The JUG AFRICA is an umbrella Java User Group (JUG) for the entire continent that individual JUGs can affiliate with.
Capital District Java Developers Network
The Java User Group Frankfurt is a local community interested in all aspects of modern Java development.
Deepa Sobhana offers a detailed overview of what's changing in the Servlet 3.0 API and why.
October 14, 2008