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Java™ Networked Virtual Environment
JDBC-ODBC-Bridge enhanced in reliability, stability, performance
Scientific open-source programming environments coded in Java. jLab uses Groovy as scripting engine and ScalaLab uses Scala 2.8.1. Although both environments are similar, ScalaLab operates generally better and faster.
Javalab is a virtual lab of Java technologies where italian Novara Jugs members can develop, test and publish code, files and organize meetings in order to share happiness to think in Java and to have good food
A Jini service starting framework
Java Bluetooth Framework Wiki at
Sri Sankaran argues that research and experience prove that a standardized, effective code review process mitigates costs and produces better code.
August 17, 2006
Java can't see most USB devices without a third-party library. Jeff Friesen looks at two Java-USB APIs, and then develops a bare-bones library of his own.
July 6, 2006
Cluster framework for fault tolerance, reliability, availability
Project Darkstar Developer Community
Chet Haase takes a look at some of the things that make animation look choppy, and offers programmatic approaches to improving the appearance of Java animations.
February 23, 2006
Multi-agent, heterogeneous, collaborative robot swarm
Java framework to solve classical field equations
Java Bluetooth Adhoc Network
Journal access in a box
Distributed Object Oriented Virtual Operating System
Yan Georget introduces constraint programming by way of Sudoku puzzles.
November 29, 2005
Open (Gene) Regulatory Annotation Database
Grupo de Java organizado pelos alunos da Escola Politécnica da Universidade de Pernambuco, UPE, criado em fevereiro de 2004. Foco: Java básico e avançado, monitoria, desenvolvimento de projetos, Certificação da Sun e suporte aos alunos de Engenharia da Computação da Poli. This Java Group is conducted by Student of UPE-POLI, University of Computer Engineering in Brazil.Welcome Everyone!
Grupo de Usuários Java de Santa Catarina
Zilonis Rules Engine
Digital Circuit Simulator
Networked Bay Environmental Assessment and Monitoring Stations
P2P Bioinformatics Services
Java User Group do Instituto de Computacao - UNICAMP
Java(tm) Scientific Library. Version 5.0 release in progress. Snapshot versions of the mathematics, physics bundles currently available (;quick~jscience)
Class Viewer for Java
Facilitating and Investigating Distributed Collaboration