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A library to simulate Symbolic Transition Systems (STS)
Writing WebDAV enabled services is simple using "WebDAV Support for JAX-RS" in conjunction with "WebDAV Interoperability Filter". Check out the example project "WebDAV Address Book" to learn how this is done in an 100% vendor-independent way!
RI and TCK accompanying JSR 284. Go to to download the RI and the TCK.
This hosts the code for
Java User Group Graubünden - Switzerland
The ruhrjug is the Java User Group for Germany's Ruhr area. Meetings take a place in the Unperfekthaus in the city of Essen on a regular basis.
United States National JUG
Analytical Network for Monitoring Environment
Share data among Sun SPOT apps.
MAS platform in Java
Java Source Code Processing Annotations
OrlandoJUG is the Orlando, FL Java User Group
GatorJUG is the Gainesville, FL Java User Group
Simpler, shorter and more semantics urls for your domain.
The Gauteng chapter of the Java User Group in South Africa. This chapter has been active since around 2001. Our web site is We have a JUGSA Yahoo group which we use extensively. Please register on the groups mailing list there. Make sure the mailing list forwards the messages to the correct e-mail address. Group address on Yahoo:
Java Pooled Data Multi Processor
Breakout board for the Sun SPOT system.
Mathematical Enviroment
Java es un mundo muy amplio y la unica forma de no perderse en el es estar en contacto con gente que conozca otros aspectos de este mundo tan vasto y cambiante. Con el fin de poder encontrar gente profesionales con conocimientos en Java y con interes de compartirlos, profundizarlos y aplicarlos en España he creado este espacio. Si te interesa participar, sumate al grupo ingresando en: La participación es abrierta y gratuita!
Java User Group Nagpur
Comunidade destinada ao público usuário de Java e afins.
Tulsa Java Developers Group
The New England Java Users Group (NEJUG) was formed in November 1998. It is open to everyone interested in Java and the JVM. Meetings are usually held on the second Thursday of each month. They usually start at 6pm, at the Sun Microsystems Campus in Burlington, Massachusetts.
Aspect Oriented Database
Java tool to create PERT (Project Evaluation and Review) models.
Since there are many java projects that rely on AI, this project aims at constructing a supervised neural network framework (multi layer perception model) that provides easy to use neural net creation, training API's along with appropriate customization t
Java based test tools for the Project 25 wireline interfaces. View the "Website" link to the right for more detailed information regarding this project. Check out the "Downloads" area for pre-compiled versions of ISSI Test Tools (ITT). Use Subversion to obtain source code. This project is based on the NIST JAIN SIP stack. As of Feb 3, 2012, this project is considered complete.
Remote-controlling a servo car equipped with a Sun SPOT
Everything about the JVM in the New England Area
Sun SPOT Plugin for NetBeans