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A platform for dynamic deployment/reconfiguration of application
A peer-to-peer storage system.
Simple Java API for AI
Brussels Java User Group
VisualLangLab is a completely visual, simple, and easy to learn IDE for developing parsers without code or script of any kind. A grammar is represented as a tree with distinct icons for various elements, and is edited by using the mouse to invoke menu-bar and context-menu operations.
Mobile Desktop Grid (MDG) make mobile device to interact with cluster- and grid-based resources: The one-stop solution to obtain worldwide grid resource for computational use. With our solution, world wide physicist, biologist, chemist, laboratory assistant and computer scientist are able to complete their exhaustive computational jobs in a shorter period. The targeted users are from non-grid or non-cluster awareness group of people to enjoy cluster resources with our invented solution.
XADisk enables transactional access to file-systems, supporting both local and XA transactions. Please visit XADisk at
The happy-collections is a library, which extends JDK java.collections, but also very well known collections from Google and Appache. org.happy collections is a set of decorators, which can be used for decorating existing Classes which implements the JDK-interfaces java.util.List, java.util.Collection, java.util.Set, java.util.Map.
"happy-commons" contains parallel-for, parallel-foreach loops, parallel sorting algorithm and more. All parallel implementations based on framework of Doug Lea. "Happy-commons" is published under an Open Source License (Appache License Version 2.0).
Capital District Java Developers Network
The Java User Group Frankfurt is a local community interested in all aspects of modern Java development.
A Java binding to the Fast Artificial Neural Network (FANN) native library.
Skandium is a Java based Algorithmic Skeleton library for high-level parallel programming of multi-core architectures. Skandium provides basic nestable parallelism patterns, which can be composed to program more complex applications. The supported parallelism patterns are: farm, pipe, for, while, if, map, fork, and divide and conquer.
Expands DarkMUD to a new game called Zombies, Mutants, and Undead oh My! and uses the RedDwarf 10.2 system and NetBeans. RedDwarf is the community branch of the discontinued Project Dark Star (PDS) game server. Game development is currently on not active. Host site:
Experimenter's breadboard for the Sun SPOT system.
The prototype of Sailfin based on GlassFish v3
Java User Group Hessen
Lithuanian Java User Group is the community intented to bring together Java developers, Java users, and Java-driven companies in Lithuania.
Comunidad Java de Venezuela (Venezuela Java User Group) enfocada en promover Java y su tecnología relacionada en el país. Un grupo donde podamos compartir conocimiento, información y experiencias entre profesionales y estudiantes.
Computer science students of the vienna university of technology.
A collection of applications and value adds for Sailfin
ARINC 661 meta-definition editor