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Jeff Friesen shows how to play a simple game, Nim, and how to write a computer opponent in Java .
May 18, 2004
Jack Herrington further develops code generation tools with support for "safe zones," allowing handwritten and generated code to coexist.
May 31, 2004
Jack Herrington introduces an XSLT-based workflow for automatically generating Java code from XML descriptor files.
May 12, 2004
The new variable arguments ("varargs") Java language feature makes many method calls more convenient, and enables a new C-style printf() function.
April 19, 2004
This excerpt from the book <i>WebLogic: The Definitive Guide</i> is an overview and an introduction to JMX, the Java Management Extensions, and MBeans.
April 12, 2004
This "stupid question" is about how String Equality works and explores the constants pool.
April 7, 2004
Improving the BrainFeed end-user experience with a Swing thick client.
March 26, 2004
An introduction to the standards-based architecture of Joshua Marinacci's BrainFeed web application.
March 16, 2004
Description of concurrency utilities provided by JSR 166.
March 1, 2004
In this excerpt from his book AspectJ in Action: Practical Aspect-Oriented Programming, author Ramnivas Laddad introduces the syntax for AOP in AspectJ.
December 26, 2003
Our first "stupid question" is whether you should use static methods whenever possible.
December 30, 2003
How to use exceptions to build better Java applications: be specific, throw early, and catch later.
December 4, 2003