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This JSR specifies the OSS/J SQM API.
Test Application Signature Safety - analyze static references
AJAX for JavaServer Faces
Scripting Engines and Scripting Applications.
OSS/J Billing Mediation API
OSS Inventory API 1.1
OSS/J Trouble Ticket model extension for X.790 standard
Content Repository for Java Technology v2.0
The OSS Fault Management API public project
This JSR specifies the set of APIs which are common across OSS/J
Grupo de Usuários Java de Santa Catarina
Design-time metadata for JavaServer Faces Components (JSR-276)
The original Facelets projects. Note active development is done at
This JSR defines an interface to an Order Management component.
OSS/J extensions for TMF MTNM
David Sean Taylor, an open source software developer has been involved with developing Jetspeed for almost four years now. He talks to the Portlet Community's Navaneeth Krishnan him about Jetspeed and the Portlet spec detailed in JSR 168.
November 22, 2004
Java(tm) Scientific Library. Version 5.0 release in progress. Snapshot versions of the mathematics, physics bundles currently available (;quick~jscience)
JSR 133 produced a formal mathematical specification for the semantics of synchronized, volatile, and final. It provides the foundation for (finally) delivering on Java's promise of being able to develop write-once, run-anywhere concurrent applications.
April 13, 2004
Description of concurrency utilities provided by JSR 166.
March 1, 2004
The introduction of enums, generics, and metadata are changes to the Java language that require modifications to existing APIs, such as Reflection. This article examines the modifications to the Reflection API that are now available to the public as part of JDK 1.5 beta 1 and shows how you can take advantage of them in your code.
March 8, 2004