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Java User Group for Costa Rica
Pixels Organizer is a simple Image Editor application. It can display images of different popular image file formats. Insha Allah it will be able to edit images very soon.
Windows SSHD for EC2
JBoss User Group Argentina
Tiny wrapper for enabling source code generation with Javassist
A type of ad-hoc network
Lithuanian Java User Group is the community intented to bring together Java developers, Java users, and Java-driven companies in Lithuania.
Bring together Java programmers, Java users in Brazzaville Congo
Cascading autoconfiguration of java objects based on annotations
Annotation processor for META-INF/services/* generation
A new Java User Group in Lyon, France, to share experience around the Java platform and technologies
Comunidad Java de Venezuela (Venezuela Java User Group) enfocada en promover Java y su tecnología relacionada en el país. Un grupo donde podamos compartir conocimiento, información y experiencias entre profesionales y estudiantes.
Personal Finance Manager
Computer science students of the vienna university of technology.
Uploads Images