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MIDPath is a Java library which provides a MIDP2 implementation for J2SE and J2ME/CLDC on top of various graphical libraries (SDL, AWT, SWT, X11) and audio libraries (SDL, ESD)
Extension of ULCTabbedPane, where you can use closeable tabs
Integrates the JGoodies animation framework into ULC
XMPP Binding Component (JBI)
SIP Binding Component
Choose a subset from table
Ribeirão Preto Java User Group
ULC Iconizer
Open Source Java Feature/Requirement Coverage tool.
Jini-based service grid
Visualization tool for the Java HotSpot client compiler
Generic Java Application Launcher
Java Brasil User Group is a forum to discuss and promote Java technology in Portuguese language where newbies and students are welcome.
Costa Rica Java User Group
Spice up your Java Swing applications with balloon tips
Java User Group South Africa - Gauteng
New JavaBeans Property Support
Integration of SwingX-WS's JXMapViewer into ULC
Tool to generate source code to access inaccessible members.
Checks multingual resources for completeness.
JIDE Common Layer (Professional Swing Components)
Open Installer framework for building cross platform installers
Project OpenDMK