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Java user group for Java developers int he greater Eastern Washington / Northern Idaho, greater Spokane Washington area. Meets monthly from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm Pacific Time, on the 4th Friday of each month. Meeting location details posted on website and in email list.
The Northern Virginia Java Users Group is a professional organization with over two thousand members, promoting the education of Software Engineering in general, and the use of Java and related technologies in particular. We meet regularly to network and attend high quality technical presentations. Traditionally, the NovaJUG has two standing meetings a month, on the second Wednesday and fourth Tuesdays. The meetings are in the McLean and Reston, Virginia areas respectively.
Web dedicado a la difusión de la tecnología JAVA en Perú - Lima. realizando eventos y asesorando en tecnología JAVA
Add support for testing backward compatibility to a CI server.
Code generator for type-safe message resource bundle access. The official development has moved to
The Java IDE (Written In Java)
This tool fixed bug 6553734 by removing 0x1600 class modifier
Hyperjaxb3 Source Code SVN Repository
Checks the class file format version
A tool for analyzing and manipulating license headers of source
Java utility class library. Mentionable classes are the simple but powerful SQLBuilder, the DTO parser and serializer classes (JSON, XML). The library is used in all of my Java projects. The current productive Version is 2.0.
Kherson java developers community (JUG)
A meta-circular research VM
Java User Group based in Genova, Italy
jezve - java code brewed in small pots
A flexible grid based layout
Micro jars for assembling larger structures.
Version of javac that supports additional language features
Reusable libraries for Project Darkstar based games
Project Darkstar Client APIs
Type arithmetic library for Java5
Another Hungarian Java User Group, wiki based Hungarian knowledge base.
Kangaroo-egg is a new webserver, it use Java language developed. It followed HTTP1.1 protocol and has DQM script language and container(very like Servlet/JSP). So it can used in medium or small web application. Our believe it will become a popular webserver soon.
OGC Schemas compiled with JAXB 2