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I have found out, that there are some chances to make Sun's sun.nio.cs charset de-/encoders faster, especially for single byte charsets such as "windows-1252". For increasing usability, I would at 1st step implement
Everything about the JVM in the New England Area
Java User Group for those in the Kansas City metro area.
Groovy-based build system
Simple Annotation-based validation
SVN Source Code Repository for Hyperjaxb2
CantyJUG, Christchurch, New Zealand.
Important: This project has moved. Source code and project page can now be found on GitHub.
Home of the MarkUtils libraries; other utilities and examples
The ctjug was created by the Java development comunity in Cape Town. We meet once every second month for a presentation and a general get together. The meetings are an ideal place to meet other programmers and exchange ideas. There are no fees required to join the ctjug and all are welcome, no matter what your level of java is and none programmers are welcome too (management etc.).
A library to check and install updates in desktop applications
Detroit Area Java Users Group
A garbage collection log visualization tool.
A Java based Lan Chat System
A spi extension for basque (eu-ES ISO code) locale
Tours Java User Group
A signature testing framework
UKJUGS is a community of individuals with a common interest in Java. Our primary aim is to promote the adoption and understanding of Java and related technologies. Through our activities we aim to help beginners learn the fundamentals of Java programming and also assist those who are familiar with Java to discover new technologies.
Java User Group Erlangen-Nürnberg. This group is for every one who is interested in java and related technolgy and is located in the region Nuremberg/Erlangen in germany. We meet regularly to discuss java topics and listen to a lot of known speakers of the java community.
Free Java Training for Students. We offer FREE courses to get Certifications as Java Programmer, Java Developer, Java Mobile Applications Developer, Java Web Components Developer and Java Business Components Developer.
Wir sind eine lockere Ansammlung von ca. 20 Java-Verrückten.
Windows process management library
Kickstarter for developing small Java programs