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Java User Group SIENA
Mobile tools. Check at
A user group in downtown Madison for all those interested in Java and Java related technologies.
ElegantJ Charts is a Java Beans Charts & Graphs library for powerful visualization of the data. It provides ultimate interoperability through XML integration, and with easy-to-use intuitive Chart Designer IDE, you can design customized, dynamic, interactive 2D and 3D charts.
An open source application learning framework.
SunSPOT software controlling robots in swarm & flocking behavior
It's the Paraíba Java Users Group from Brazil. We are coordinating the efforts in three cities, João Pessoa, Campina Grande and Patos. The group promotes reunions and lectures for it's members regularly.
Core classes for creating nodes, graphs and animations.
facilitating development of mobile services
Framebuffer AWT and Swing peers
JUG - Java Noroeste
Digital TV RSS Reader
Java User Group in Berlin, Germany
Friendly Java-focused community in Kiev, Ukraine.
Conformance and Qulity Test Suites for 3G Americas
Thessaloniki JUG - The JUG in the heart of Southeastern Europe Visit also:
FOX JavaOne BD-J Sweepstakes
MIDPath is a Java library which provides a MIDP2 implementation for J2SE and J2ME/CLDC on top of various graphical libraries (SDL, AWT, SWT, X11) and audio libraries (SDL, ESD)
Costa Rica Java User Group
Java User Group South Africa - Gauteng