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Designed and developed by Mr. Tan Choo Jun and supervised by Prof. Lim Chee Peng from University Science Malaysia (, USM Extract is a soft computing platform that consists of a number of artificial neural networks and other data-based learning models. The key feature of USM Extract is the autonomous learning capabilities associated with the constituent soft computing models. The main aim of USM Extract is to facilitate the development and application of sustainable intelligent systems that require minimum human supervision and intervention for extracting information/knowledge from complex databases in undertaking data mining and knowledge discovery problems. Details of USM Extract are available at
I want ask a question to all my java friends that when I use collection framework i often confused that what should i use between ArrayList and Vector,I know that a vector is internally synchronised and it is thread safe but i want know in which type of application vector is used and in which type of project arraylist is used.
Learn about worker queue contention and methods for addressing worker queue issues.
June 14, 2011
Learn about the Spring AOP framework related features.
April 18, 2011
This article introduces OpenICOM, a JPA framework for developing integrated collaboration environments.
March 21, 2011