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OSS/J Presentation & Reporting
OSS/J Clients
OSS/J extensions for TMF MTNM
COVAD OSS/J-based Trouble Ticket System
Very small footprint <60K Java Web Server and J2EE servlet container with JSP support. Ideal for embedded applications
jMaki: A way of representing JavaScript widgets in Java.
J2EE Application Engine
Service & Business Mgt, OSS/J, Extensions
Service & Business Mgt, OSS/J, Adapters
jASEN is a pure java Anti Spam ENgine combining bayesian-like scanning with intelligent email inspection and classification jASEN is best suited to developers wishing to integrate anti-spam services into an existing server based java email application, but can be used for client applications The jASEN project started after the now famous article published by Paul Graham spawned a range of new anti-spam technologies based on Bayesian classification Subsequent enhancements were made to the original proposal, with a significant improvement proposed by Gary Robinson which replaced the standard Bayesian approach with a superior* Chi Square computation, which was then further improved Unfortunately almost all of the implementations of these approaches which followed were either commercial, or non-java. Thus jASEN was created to provide a free, extensible, pure java implementation of the wonderful work done by these (and many other) people
Zilonis Rules Engine
Object to Object Mapping Framework
The CEJUG Classifieds (RSS Based)
Enterprise Java Australia is an industry group dedicated to J2EE development. Enterprise Java encourages collaboration and co-operation. Enterprise Java is committed to assisting companies understand and develop skills in J2EE and its applications.
Java User Group do Instituto de Computacao - UNICAMP