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certificate generator for JUG events
Integrates the JDIC Browser into ULC
JUG - Java Noroeste
Scriba is a prototyping, scripting environment for Java-based scripting languages supporting the JSR 223 standard scripting API. It allows intermixing different languages within a single runtime execution environment and a user interface inspired by the Mathematica notebook concept. Common uses are experimentation with a new library, prototyping of pretty much any type of functionality, debugging existing code, writing test scripts etc. It has BeanShell and JScheme integrated with good support for code completion in BeanShell mode. It integrates an HTML editor that allows a literate programming of scripting development.
The Java User's Group website for Charlotte, NC. Focused on supporting a vibrant community through education and networking. Meets monthly
Java User Group in Berlin, Germany
Friendly Java-focused community in Kiev, Ukraine.
A web based framework to securely co-browse web applications
A system for social news, bookmarking, and metadata
OSS/J model extensions for 3GPP Fault Management
Phoenix Java User Group - Serving the Phoenix Java Community!
COBOL/CICS integration using XML Schema, JAXB and JAXWS. The project generates XML binding for COBOL structures and Web Services endpoints.
Integrates the JDIC in ULC
Communications and Collaboration for Java EE
Thessaloniki JUG - The JUG in the heart of Southeastern Europe Visit also:
A lightweight version of AppFuse
Do It Yourself Persistence
Extension of ULCTabbedPane, where you can use closeable tabs
Integrates the JGoodies animation framework into ULC
UDDI Binding Component
XMPP Binding Component (JBI)
SIP Binding Component