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Java Users Group of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
A Jini Based Desktop System
A Jini service starting framework
Java source code cross reference generator
AJAX for JavaServer Faces
XSL Generator from Source to Target XSD. Capability to assign metadata, maps to Database from any XSD or XSD to XSD. Auto mapping capability between XSDs. Automapping provides XSL in less than a minute. Use XSL from automap to speed up development.!
Java Heap Snapshot Proposal
Grupo de Java organizado pelos alunos da Escola Politécnica da Universidade de Pernambuco, UPE, criado em fevereiro de 2004. Foco: Java básico e avançado, monitoria, desenvolvimento de projetos, Certificação da Sun e suporte aos alunos de Engenharia da Computação da Poli. This Java Group is conducted by Student of UPE-POLI, University of Computer Engineering in Brazil.Welcome Everyone!
Grupo de Usuários Java de Santa Catarina
ThinNB Thing
ThinNB Jar
An eclipse plug-in for developing Jain-SLEE applications
Service & Business Mgt, OSS/J, Development Tools and Libs
Demonstration project for JavaTools Community
A tutorial on how to use Eclipse IDE with projects
Digital Circuit Simulator
Simple, powerful test tool. Compares test output with a baseline
Modifier Modifier Plugin for IDEA
Java User Group do Instituto de Computacao - UNICAMP
An API which allows you to execute Ant tasks from Java code.
JSR 198: A Standard Extension API for Integrated Development Env
An environment and language for teaching programming. Designed from the grounds up under the following principles: 1) "program to an interface, not an implementation (GoF, 1995); 2) Design by Contract; and 3) Test driven development.
Collections util-plugins for Eclipse
Set CLASSPATH env var by parsing IntelliJ's .ipr file
This editor can edit directly the property file written in the Unicode reference character, and saves the time and effort changed into Unicode by native2ascii. Moreover, in addition to the function of the usual editor, convenient functions, such as JBuilder and integration to Eclipse, are offered.
ArgoUML is a modelling tool that helps you do your design using UML.