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ULC Sample Applications
ULC JGraph Integration
ULC's complement to James Elliott's relative layout
Polish-speaking Java User Group in the capital of Poland - Warsaw
The next generation Swing Demo program
Scientific open-source programming environments coded in Java. jLab uses Groovy as scripting engine and ScalaLab uses Scala 2.8.1. Although both environments are similar, ScalaLab operates generally better and faster.
Search-tools is an application that searches files matching user specified criteria, executing specific actions on the files matching the criteria.
A Jini Based Desktop System
Javalab is a virtual lab of Java technologies where italian Novara Jugs members can develop, test and publish code, files and organize meetings in order to share happiness to think in Java and to have good food
Fatal Assault is a 2D Online Turn-Based Tactical RPG written in Java.
Richard Bair shows how to create mashups in Swing--Smashups--by using web-savvy code behind your GUI to communicate with web servers.
October 12, 2006
A Jini service starting framework
Joshua Marinacci shows how to build the complete address book GUI application, letting the EJB 3 Java Persistence API take care of storing addresses, emails, IM names, etc.
June 8, 2006
Joshua Marinacci combines the EJB3 Java Persistence API with Hibernate and HSQLDB to achieve easy, lightweight persistence for the desktop developer.
May 25, 2006
JSF framework for defining pages + other utilities.
Easy to use java reporting solution
Jeti is a Java Jabber client that supports most chat features such as file transfer, group chat, emoticons, and formatted messages. It can be used as an application or as a web applet.
Ethan Nicholas introduces JAXX, a new project that simplifies building Swing GUIs by allowing you to declare markup, event wiring, and data binding in XML.
March 30, 2006
Want to divide a GUI into many resizable pieces? The two-sided JSplitPane is hopelessly primitive, so try Hans Muller's MultiSplitPane, a much more capable alternative. In this article, he shows how to create, persist, and restore complex, resizable layouts.
March 23, 2006
Chet Haase looks at the latest features in the Timing Framework, including new features for non-linear displacements and interpolation between keyframes.
March 15, 2006
Thomas Kuenneth shows how the Swing Labs Wizard API can help you create wizards in Swing.
February 28, 2006
Joshua Marinacci shows how to use SwiXml to build Swing GUIs with XML markup.
February 21, 2006
A platform-specific look and feel for Mac OS X.
Jeff Friesen shows how to create an image-editing application, with custom effects and a handy status bar.
February 7, 2006
Java framework to solve classical field equations
JCommander is a next generation file manager targeted to be powerful and flexible. Being multi-platform and distributed under an open-source license, it is freely usable on virtually any platform and operating system.
Luan O'Carroll introduces XUI, a rich-client library built on XML markup, by showing how to build an eBay client with XUI and the eBay API.
January 12, 2006
A Console (Standard-I/O) Terminal for JARs
Jeff Friesen introduces an algorithm for creating an "embossed" effect for images, and then shows how to implement it in Java2D and Swing.
December 8, 2005