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MIDPath is a Java library which provides a MIDP2 implementation for J2SE and J2ME/CLDC on top of various graphical libraries (SDL, AWT, SWT, X11) and audio libraries (SDL, ESD)
Image.getScaledInstance() is a false friend! Chris Campbell checks in with where image scaling is in Java SE 6 and what we might see in JDK 7.
April 3, 2007
Extension of ULCTabbedPane, where you can use closeable tabs
Integrates the JGoodies animation framework into ULC
Choose a subset from table
Ribeirão Preto Java User Group
Slav Boleslawski has some better ideas for a "navigable image viewer," and in this article, he shows how to use Java 2D to achieve them.
March 27, 2007
ULC Iconizer
AgentSmith enables hotswap without debug mode
A JTree enabling setting and viewing of properties
Jini-based service grid
Java Brasil User Group is a forum to discuss and promote Java technology in Portuguese language where newbies and students are welcome.
Sometimes what you need is not an enormous framework, but a grab bag of bite-size morsels. That's what Jeff Friesen has in this article, which offers three commonly needed graphic conveniences, implemented with the Image I/O package.
March 6, 2007
Spice up your Java Swing applications with balloon tips
New JavaBeans Property Support
Integration of SwingX-WS's JXMapViewer into ULC
Kirill Grouchnikov shows how to develop custom Swing components with unique behavior and appearance, beyond what's available in the default Swing widgets.
February 22, 2007
Project Reveille: End-to-End Technology Demonstration
The project has been moved to this location:
JIDE Common Layer (Professional Swing Components)
This is technology club formed in IIT Kanpur formed under the umbrella of Sun Academic initiative and Sun Campus ambassador program
Open Installer framework for building cross platform installers
JUG Umbria
This project involves the US, Cambodia and India.
This project involves the US, Cambodia and India.
We are a large and active Java User Group in Singapore; we hold meeting every 6 to 8 weeks in central Singapore with guest speakers who present on a wide and varied topics associated with Java. We also have a lively mailing list, which we use as a discussion forum. We welcome all comers and levels; our goal is to provide a forum and a place where Java developers can discuss the language and all its associated APIs and to foster a community of Java developers within Singapore and beyond.
Synth based look and feel for Swing
ULC Integrations for Log4J