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Since there are many java projects that rely on AI, this project aims at constructing a supervised neural network framework (multi layer perception model) that provides easy to use neural net creation, training API's along with appropriate customization t
Java ME application framework and build management system
Hoho Goblin is a MOD (Modification) of Dino Adventure
The player will command a dinosaur
spline toolkit for use and interactive edition
A framework for writing portable Comet based Web Application
VisualAp is a visual framework for building application and systems based on visual components. Users can add their own visual components in order to extend the capability of VisualAp.
Client/Server Multiplayer Boggle Game
Reusable libraries for Project Darkstar based games
Project Darkstar Client APIs
SGS AS3 Client
Image and tile editor
jKilavuz is a path engine for Java. It consists of an extensible set of tools for collecting pathfind data and finding and executing paths. jKilavuz is targeted but not limited to Java games development.
Comunidad de Desarrolladores Mexicanos.
Runtime libs, example and test code for Systronix TrackBot
Darkstar - Actionscript 3.0 API
An ultra thin virtual desktop
EnJine is an open-source game engine written in Java and making use of the Java 3D API. Its main purpose is to serve as a didactic tool to aid in teaching game design and computer science, especially computer graphics and software engineering subjects.
A framework for unit testing SGS applications
Core classes for creating nodes, graphs and animations.
Java User Group in Berlin, Germany
Java implementation of Carcassonne boardgame
NetBeans plugin for Darkstar
Thessaloniki JUG - The JUG in the heart of Southeastern Europe Visit also:
FOX JavaOne BD-J Sweepstakes
This is technology club formed in IIT Kanpur formed under the umbrella of Sun Academic initiative and Sun Campus ambassador program
JUG Umbria
Image Processing classes for Java2D