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Mobile game with augmented reality
Project Darkstar Maven Plugin
A simulation server in which users program their bots using APIs
Java User Group Graubünden - Switzerland
The ruhrjug is the Java User Group for Germany's Ruhr area. Meetings take a place in the Unperfekthaus in the city of Essen on a regular basis.
OrlandoJUG is the Orlando, FL Java User Group
GatorJUG is the Gainesville, FL Java User Group
The Gauteng chapter of the Java User Group in South Africa. This chapter has been active since around 2001. Our web site is We have a JUGSA Yahoo group which we use extensively. Please register on the groups mailing list there. Make sure the mailing list forwards the messages to the correct e-mail address. Group address on Yahoo:
An network chess game that we have developed at the university.
TUER is a FPS written in Java and using JOGL, JOGG and JORBIS (JGN, JMC and Jmencode soon). The scene takes place in a museum, you have to shoot all robots with your rocket launcher in order to complete the stage.
Build Project Darkstar games without managed references
Java es un mundo muy amplio y la unica forma de no perderse en el es estar en contacto con gente que conozca otros aspectos de este mundo tan vasto y cambiante. Con el fin de poder encontrar gente profesionales con conocimientos en Java y con interes de compartirlos, profundizarlos y aplicarlos en España he creado este espacio. Si te interesa participar, sumate al grupo ingresando en: La participación es abrierta y gratuita!
Tulsa Java Developers Group
connector to fatfoogoo
Managers and Services for Project Darkstar
Project Snowman
Hack example application built on top of Project Darkstar
Project Darkstar Tests
Darkstar Test Cluster
Request application built on top of Project Darkstar
Chat application built on top of Project Darkstar
Project Darkstar Build Utilities
Project Darkstar C Client
Project Darkstar Java Client
Project Darkstar Server Core
Project Darkstar Shared Module
XML Tools for Mobile 3D