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Java Software Programming truly adds on to delight of software developers through its features and ease of use. Java programming language was the gift from James Gosling in the mid 90s. Write one and run everywhere was the name given to it. Since the day of release Java has revolutionized the modern programming language era and Java Web Application. Java is an object oriented language and comes with the features of platform independence, automatic memory management and other features. Java Software Development technologies include JSP, Servlets, J2ME, J2EE etc. Java Software Programming language has many advantages like automatic garbage collection, threading, packaging, platform independence etc over traditional programming languages like C, C++. Java Software Development companies provide robust and dynamic Java Web Application solutions to clients be it web based solution or standalone Java is the best choice of developers for developing all kinds of applications be it desktop based solution, mobile applications, web application or any other custom solution. Java Application development industry in India has grown exponentially and will continue to grow in near future as more and more outsourcing decisions are taken. Offshore java development companies provide best of the solutions which are cost effective and highly scalable. Offshore Java Software Programming companies have architect level programmers who specialize in J2EE or java technology and have rich experience of managing variety of projects which ranges from small size projects to huge mission critical engagements. Java application development technology caters of ever changing business needs of customers very efficiently. Java Web Application developers and architects are in demand whenever offshore application development solutions are sought..
Learn about worker queue contention and methods for addressing worker queue issues.
June 14, 2011
United Indian Java User Group. Home for all JUGs around India.
This project aims to provide an enterprise grade network inventory system
Feature / Scenario (Class Collaboration) Testing Framework
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