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Multi-agent, heterogeneous, collaborative robot swarm
Journal access in a box
Distributed Object Oriented Virtual Operating System
Open (Gene) Regulatory Annotation Database
Java Tech columnist Jeff Friesen continues his exploration of the beginner-oriented IDE, BlueJ, by looking at its support for debugging, unit testing, building executable JAR files, configuration, internationalization,
August 30, 2005
Grupo de Usuários Java de Santa Catarina
Jeff Friesen introduces BlueJ, which teaches Java without the non-OO hassles by providing a visual environment for creating, relating, and modifying classes and objects.
July 21, 2005
Western Australia JUG Meetings and Events
Juiz de Fora Java User Group
A GUI for otter and mace
A tile mural creation and editing program.
Java Education & Development Initiative
A tool suite to document and browse design patterns, and to scan java programs for design pattern instances. The tools are based on a formal description of software design using semantic web technology (OWL/RDF).
Digital Circuit Simulator
A free program for calculating really big numbers
Enterprise Java Australia is an industry group dedicated to J2EE development. Enterprise Java encourages collaboration and co-operation. Enterprise Java is committed to assisting companies understand and develop skills in J2EE and its applications.
Java User Group do Instituto de Computacao - UNICAMP
Java(tm) Scientific Library. Version 5.0 release in progress. Snapshot versions of the mathematics, physics bundles currently available (;quick~jscience)
An introduction to the requirement/scoping process via a case study of Schoolbus, a project, and its module to manage questions for quizzes, tests, and homework.
September 2, 2004
Frame for beginners
Class Viewer for Java
Facilitating and Investigating Distributed Collaboration
An environment and language for teaching programming. Designed from the grounds up under the following principles: 1) "program to an interface, not an implementation (GoF, 1995); 2) Design by Contract; and 3) Test driven development.
Pavlov is a learning environment using multiple choice questions and pluggable feedback mechanisms and question selection strategies. Feedback mechanisms can be written as Java "pluglets," similar to applets, or specified as HTML in the Velocity Template Language.
Java User Group Sardegna, Italy
OpenForecast is a package of general purpose, forecasting models written in Java that can be applied to any data series. One of the design goals was/is to make it easy for a developer to use in an application even if they do not understand, or care to understand, the differences between the different forecasting models available.
The Club des Utilisateurs de Java collaborative project
A Visual IDE-style LL(k) Parser Generator. LATEST VERSION HERE:
These excerpts from the book "Extreme Software Engineering: A Hands-On Approach" present tutorials on testing first, with unit tests using JUnit and customer -written tests with the Fit framework.
March 3, 2004
Before beginning major process improvements, a team should look at source control, change tracking, and regular builds.
February 13, 2004