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Another Hungarian Java User Group, wiki based Hungarian knowledge base.
SGS AS3 Client
To be a meeting point for all JAVA Technology users and developers. Opening possibilities for collaboration and knowledge interchange between beginners and senior developers.
A place to share instructional materials using Sun SPOTs
Applications and sample code developed for Sun SPOTs
Paris Java User Group
JUG of CSUP, is a group of undergraduates in area of faculty of science, university of peradeniya, who share an interest in Java technology. Many of us work with Java in our academic career. Others are students who love to worked with Java.
Java User Group Marche
O grupo GEJUN busca agregar competências em JAVA e tecnologias afins, promovendo a formação de habilidades e disseminação de conhecimentos entre seus integrantes e a comunidade universitária da Unisinos, além de almejar a troca de experiências e conhecimentos com profissionais da área tecnológica, estudantes de outras universidades e outros grupos de usuários JAVA. Essa troca de conhecimentos e experiências se dará através de tutoriais, reuniões e desenvolvimento de projetos de pesquisa/tecnologia. O grupo tem por finalidade aplicar ferramentas e conhecimentos adquiridos na realização de atividades de inclusão social, tais como oficinas de informática básica e o fornecimento de produtos resultantes de projetos à sociedade.
Comunidad de Desarrolladores Mexicanos.
Tools to use for solar energy promotion
Create the courseware for Java Teaching
Bulgarian Association of Software Developers (BASD) is a non-profit organization that actively supports the professional advance of the Bulgarian developers. It works for encouragement of experience exchange between them and improvement of their knowledge and skills in the area of software design and development. The Association organizes conferences, seminars and training courses for software development and software technologies specialists.
RealOnline project, team 3
TMap Designer is a desktop application to design thematic maps
Java User Groups in Australia and New Zealand
The Bulgarian Java User Group is an organization of the Bulgarian developers interested especially in Java. We gather every month and discuss topics that are closely connected with the Java language. To become member of the group, the only thing to do is registrate on the web-site and attend our meetings whenever it is possible.
Runtime libs, example and test code for Systronix TrackBot
Macedonian Java User Group named after a song from Konstantin M.
Java User Group SIENA
We are developing recombinant text -- a new medium of collaborative design and composition.
A user group in downtown Madison for all those interested in Java and Java related technologies.
EnJine is an open-source game engine written in Java and making use of the Java 3D API. Its main purpose is to serve as a didactic tool to aid in teaching game design and computer science, especially computer graphics and software engineering subjects.
ElegantJ Charts is a Java Beans Charts & Graphs library for powerful visualization of the data. It provides ultimate interoperability through XML integration, and with easy-to-use intuitive Chart Designer IDE, you can design customized, dynamic, interactive 2D and 3D charts.
Patterns And Utilities For The Java EE 5 Platform
SunSPOT software controlling robots in swarm & flocking behavior
We are located in Cracow, Poland. We exist since 1999 as first JUG in Poland. Already organized various events including conferences in 2000 and 2002. Bruce Eckel was our guest, twice. Also polish edition of his book was our project. Currently we are reactivating and plan to organize meetings in Cracow.
This project involves the US, Cambodia and India.
Mainejug is the Maine Java Users Group, the only JUG in the great state of Maine.
JUG - Java Noroeste