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Group for all java enthusiastic and professionals. Welcome!
El portal de la comunidad de desarrolladores en Java en el Perú.
This JUG is dedicated to all things Java and in particular using Java in Enterprise Applications
Sonya Barry moderates a roundtable discussion with the Alice Team in this Community Corner 2009 podcast, recorded at JavaOne.
July 20, 2009
Beginning tutorials and examples for Android on the G1 Dev Phone
this a web site for mufix community in Egypt which has all activies by the community like week sessions and forum discussions,also there are learning resources avaialbe for students to download Robotics Community members Jim Wright, Bruce Boyes, Roger Brinkley, and Brian Jenkins have a round table discussion about robotics and education, in this Community Corner 2009 podcast.
July 7, 2009
Educator Dragutin Petkovic talks with's Gary Thompson in this Community Corner 2009 podcast recorded at JavaOne, presenting a synopsis of a Global Software Engineering class.
July 7, 2009
Author/educator Paul Deitel provides an overview of the two-chapter ATM Object-Oriented Design and Implementation Case Study in "Java: How to Program", and discusses his experiences teaching it.
July 1, 2009
Expands DarkMUD to a new game called Zombies, Mutants, and Undead oh My! and uses the RedDwarf 10.2 system and NetBeans. RedDwarf is the community branch of the discontinued Project Dark Star (PDS) game server. Game development is currently on not active. Host site:
Wrocław Java User Group
Experimenter's breadboard for the Sun SPOT system.
JBoss User Group Argentina
Java User Group Hessen
Lithuanian Java User Group is the community intented to bring together Java developers, Java users, and Java-driven companies in Lithuania.
Bring together Java programmers, Java users in Brazzaville Congo
Comunidad Java de Venezuela (Venezuela Java User Group) enfocada en promover Java y su tecnología relacionada en el país. Un grupo donde podamos compartir conocimiento, información y experiencias entre profesionales y estudiantes.
Computer science students of the vienna university of technology.
The Company For E-11
Simple Java API Windows style .ini file handling. Also provide Java Preferences API functionality on top of .ini file.
Volgograd BIM
The Boulder JUG meetings are always free and open to the public. We cover topics related to Java Software Development. This includes APIs, tools, frameworks, dynamic languages, agile practices, and more. BJUG meets the second Tuesday of each month (or the Tuesday before the DJUG meeting). Meetings begin at 6PM and includes two sessions. The first session is from 6:00 - 7:00 PM. We break from 7:00 - 7:30 PM for Pizza / Drinks and Networking. The second session runs from 7:30 - 9:00 PM. Meetings also include a few minutes for announcements; such as, job openings and other events. Meetings are held on the campus of the University of Colorado at: Wolf Law Building 2450 Kittredge Loop Road Boulder, CO 80309 Normally, we meet in room 207. That my change depending on availability. The Boulder Java User Group has been in existence since 1997. Jay Zimmerman has been the President of the Boulder JUG since late 1999. For 2009, Frederic Jean will be organizing speakers and hosting meetings.
Java user group for Bloomington Indiana and the surrounding area.
Operational Risk Database Example Application
The rheinjug is the Java User Group for Germany's Rhineland, located in Duesseldorf. meetings take plave about once a month at the Heinrich-Heine-University, with more than 100 attendees. It is officially registered as a non-profit organization
A simulation server in which users program their bots using APIs
About CDJDN The Java Developer's Network (JDN), located in the Capital District of New York State, is a users' group dedicated to the JAVA™ platform Through its members, the JDN provides a unique forum for developers of all experience levels to engage in technology presentations, cross-training improving Java Skill sets and social interaction. The JDN accomplishes its mission through a member-built web site, monthly meetings at entertaining locations, short seminars, and contact with local & national software companies.
Java User Group Graubünden - Switzerland
This project is to help students to manage their daily lives.
The ruhrjug is the Java User Group for Germany's Ruhr area. Meetings take a place in the Unperfekthaus in the city of Essen on a regular basis.