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Helping developers alagoanos in the Java language
Framework for simplifying provisioning.
SPT Object Database using Prevayler as storage engine.
Projects management tool based on the NetBeans platform.
Everything about the JVM in the New England Area
Java User Group for those in the Kansas City metro area.
DbQuery aims to simplify jdbc for use in projects by: - Removing configuration files and mapping mechanisms. - The only technologies you need to know are java and SQL. - Gaining access to as many features of larger systems as possible, without compromise
SVN Source Code Repository for Hyperjaxb2
The ctjug was created by the Java development comunity in Cape Town. We meet once every second month for a presentation and a general get together. The meetings are an ideal place to meet other programmers and exchange ideas. There are no fees required to join the ctjug and all are welcome, no matter what your level of java is and none programmers are welcome too (management etc.).
A multi-tier approach to JEE access log handling. 1st tier includes pluggable components meant to be embedded in the monitored application (as an ejb interceptor, web filter etc.), and generate access events and forward them to the 2nd tier synchronous
JSF extension framework handling validation, RESTful urls, etc.
A library to extract a db schema and data to create sql scripts.
Detroit Area Java Users Group
Framework to develop JavaEE / J2EE applications rapidly and easily. Allows to define applications just with POJOs, JPA and Java 5 annotations. Feature rich and flexible. Generates JSR-168 portlet applications
A way display and jMaki widgets and create mashups
Java User Group Macedonia
Free Java Training for Students. We offer FREE courses to get Certifications as Java Programmer, Java Developer, Java Mobile Applications Developer, Java Web Components Developer and Java Business Components Developer.
Orders management and printing at an Italian summer events
Reference implementation of a data collection framework
Wir sind eine lockere Ansammlung von ca. 20 Java-Verrückten.
Binildas C. A. shows how to combine the database's ROWNUM function with Java SE 5's thread pools to create highly effective pagination.
January 31, 2008
Java user group for Java developers int he greater Eastern Washington / Northern Idaho, greater Spokane Washington area. Meets monthly from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm Pacific Time, on the 4th Friday of each month. Meeting location details posted on website and in email list.
Global sofware development - Cambodia, India, Thailand, US
small, fast and simple Prolog interpreter in pure Java
Data exportation of referentially intact row-sets.