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June 27, 2003
What's Happening in Java Today

No Dead Ends: In his Java Today weblog "What Do You Want Me To Do?",, Mike Loukides muses on how we can write software that has a chance of figuring out what the user wants to do and not just signalling when an operation is illegal. He sites Jon Postel's famous guideline that you "be strict in what you send, and tolerant in what you accept." The blog looks at the current state and the balance between being having protocols that are too permissive and those that are too vague. » Read more
(June 27, 2003 6:14AM PT)

Feature Stories

 A Look Back at JavaOne: This year's JavaOne conference attendence was about the same size as last year, with about 12,000 attendees, but the mood was upbeat. People are moving forward to make things happen. Barring some new huge shock to the system, author John Mitchell is taking this as a leading indicator that we've reached the bottom are heading back up. » Read more
(Jun 27, 2003)

 Exploring the Java Research License: The Java Research License (JRL) was introduced at JavaOne as a new open source license for universities and research. A panel of java.net bloggers talk about the new license and invite you into the discussion. » Read more
(Jun 25, 2003)
Also Today
Java for the rest of us: James Gosling has been recently making the point that there are many people who are not programmers who need to write programs to support the work they are interested in doing. They may be scientists, doctors, lawyers, accountants, or something else and they just need a simple program to perform a specific task. This is also the starting place for the Java Developer Journal review of Grant Palmer's book "Technical Java: Applications for Science and Engineering".
» Read more
Tomcat Configuration Tips: It is easy enough to run Tomcat as is. Depending on your platform, start up the shell script or bat file and away you go. In this ONJava article , Jason Brittain and Ian F. Darwin provide ten tips for configuring Tomcat taken from their book "Tomcat: The Definitive Guide."
» Read more

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