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June 26, 2003
What's Happening in Java Today

Discussing the JRL: Sun has presented the Java Research License as a new and improved license for universities and research. If you've been reading our blogs over the last two weeks you know that the bloggers aren't shy about offering an opinion. I invited a few of them to participate in a discussion of the JRL and collected their thoughts into our lead article in Java Today . I'm hoping that our articles vary both in subject matter and in format. "Exploring the Java Research License" is meant to be the beginning of a conversation. Check out the license by following the link in the article and add your thoughts to the talk back. » Read more
(June 26, 2003 7:30AM PT)

Feature Stories

 Exploring the Java Research License: The Java Research License (JRL) was introduced at JavaOne as a new open source license for universities and research. A panel of java.net bloggers talk about the new license and invite you into the discussion. » Read more
(Jun 25, 2003)

 Accessing Databases from Servlets and JSP Pages: Accessing data in a database or other data sources is an important task in Web programming. This article shows how you can do the most common database manipulations from servlets and JSP pages. This article begins with an introduction to JDBC followed by some examples of servlets that allow you to access the data in the database. » Read more
(Jun 20, 2003)
Also Today
Echo: a new weblog format in progress: Sam Ruby has set up an Echo Project wiki to discuss "a new weblog format (Echo) that is: 100% vendor neutral, implemented by everybody, freely extensible by anybody, and cleanly and thoroughly specified."
» Read more
BeJUG: a java.net federated site: The Beligian Java Users Group is one of java.net's federated sites. On the BeJUG home page they are "seeking proposals for session-material at the JAVAPOLIS Conference to be held December 3-4 2003 in "MetroPolis" in Antwerp (Belgium)."
» Read more

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