SmoothMoves Demo

Chet Haase
Febrary, 2006

This page shows an applet version of the SmoothMoves application, as described in the article Smooth Moves. If you do not see the applet working, below, you may need to install the latest version of Java (this applet requires version 1.5 or later).

This applet version does not demonstrate everything from the full-blown application version. In particular, it skips the "vertical retrace" fix, which requires loading a native library. If you want to see that additional functionality, download the full application variation instead.

To access this applet's features, first click inside the applet (this sets mouse focus appropriately). Then use one of the keyboard toggles as described below:

You have visited a page that contains an applet written with Java technology. Please install the Java Runtime Environment, version 5.0 or later, before refreshing this page.
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You can also see the source code for, or download the to build or run the application locally.  The downloaded version will allow you to try out the Vertical Retrace fix (on Windows) that does not work in this Applet version.