Sidebar: Getting Started Quickly (on Windows)

It's very easy to get started with Laszlo. On windows, you can be up and running, in a (admittedly cheesy) development environment in minutes. Here's the fastest route I know to experimenting with rich internet applications on Windows:

  1. Download and install Laszlo. You can get the beta of version 3.0 from the Open Laszlo binary download page.
  2. Once you've installed Laszlo, look inside your program files directory for the Laszlo Explorer directory. On my computer, with 3.0 beta 1, it's C:\Program Files\Laszlo Presentation Server 3.0b1\Server\lps-3.0b1\laszlo-explorer.
  3. Create another directory parallel to the Laszlo Explorer directory. For example, if you called it "experiments," it would have the following path: C:\Program Files\Laszlo Presentation Server 3.0b1\Server\lps-3.0b1\experiments
  4. Start the presentation serverg. You can do this from your start menu, by choosing "Start Laszlo Presentation Server." This will launch Tomcat (Laszlo comes bundled with Tomcat) and the Laszlo Presentation Server.
  5. Create your program as a .lzx file (the extension is important) inside your new directory.
  6. Use a url along the following lines to compile and execute your application: http://localhost:8080/lps-3.0b1/experiments/filename.lzx

That's it. You can use the experiments directory to learn more about Laszlo. Eventually you'll migrate to a more substantial configuration, but this approach will work while you're learning.