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Swing, ImageUploader, Trees

A cute little newish project you may not
have seen is the ImageUploader
project over at Its a cross-platform Swing
application (screenshot)
for selecting images to upload, as the name hints at, complete with drag
and drop from native file explorers, roll-over effects, image
preview. When the time comes up upload multiple files, it POSTs
them over to a URL, complete with reassuring progress indicators. Its
under BSD,
and even the Janitor
could easily check the repo, compile it in NetBeans and have it running
within minutes.

Nice, especially as an applet, if you need image upload on your website.

Of course it has a customized version of JTree.
Something not commonly available on mobile phones, unless of course,
you include LWUIT in your
application, in which case, its relatively easy to build down off the LWUIT
composite Container model and build your own, as you can see
explained in detail here.