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Scala, Groovy, Ruby, Python, JavaFX, Clojure, Ioke anyone ?

For anyone interested in using the JVM to
run a language other than Java, and even for those interested in
how it runs the Java language, and definitely those interested in
language development, the annual JVM
Language Summit held in September has become the primary place
to be.

You get the idea by taking a look at some of the talks from last years
summit: From Clojure, PHP on the
JVM, the vicissitudes
of running Ruby on the JVM, to Closures
on the JVM. And you will also see that you will be hard pressed to
find more expert
speakers in these subject
areas in the industry.

And this year the format has changed to include more interactive
workshops, as well as the traditional
talks, to spread the goodness even more effectively.

If you're hesitating: stop it:
likes to keep this summit small and focussed, usually under 100
participants. Sign up