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Sang Shin's journey to JRSL09 conference in Santiago, Chile

The Java User Groups Community reports on Sang Shin's journey to JRSL09 conference in Santiago, Chile:

Sun Java Evangelist, Sang Shin recently wrapped up a 5 day trip to the JRSL conference in Chile. JRSL09 is community organized conference by open source enthusiasts in South America. Countries (Argentina, Chile, and a few other countries except Brazil) take turns hosting the event. This year's event was attended by ~1100 people. Sang's talks: "Java SE 5, Java SE 6, JDK 7", 3-hour JavaFX workshop (2 hour lecture + 1-hour hands-on lab) [a couple folks currently using Flex, asked me if JavaFX supports "Flex remote object binding(?)" kind of capability. I told them JavaFX supports RESTful Web services API which should suffice for most remote communication needs]; Ruby/JRuby/Rails workshop. Sang, also attended a 2-day Mozilla conference ...

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