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Robilad on Devoxx 2009

robilad posted Conferences: Devoxx 2009:

It's been a
So, last week I bought a couple of books, a train ticket, and headed south to Antwerp. At this time of year, the sky over Antwerp in Belgium has the same kind of shade of post-apocalyptic sci-fi gray like the sky over Hamburg in Germany, so I didn't go there for a boost of my vitamin D levels. Instead, I went there to spend a few days in a cinema complex, with very comfortable chairs, interesting talks and curious Java developers - the yearly Devoxx conference. As I didn't have a presentation scheduled myself, I could sit back and enjoy the sessions. On the first day of Devoxx, I saw Mark Reinhold's fun JDK 7 talk, with the simple closures moment, which a few hours later led to a packed JDK 7 BoF. Squeezed between the two was Joe Darcy's nice presentation on the small language changes in Project Coin. I saw James Gosling's session as well, which had an entertaining run through the complexities of dealing with legal & tax codes on the world...

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