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News roundup

As the Janitor works through all
the mail that piled up on the doorstep of the Planetarium while he
was on vacation, its clear that there's some news to catch up on.

First, JDK
7 reached milestone 4, the major inclusions being the new type
annotations in the language, and the backporting into the jdk
7-branch of all the features in the Java
SE 6u10+ updates that make it so nifty
and browser friendly.

In mobile news, JavaFX dropped an early access release of the
version 1.2 SDK for Windows
Mobile. You can see Terrence
talking all about it here.

Speaking of JavaFX 1.2, NetBeans 6.7 did
a mini-update-dotdot release to add in JavaFX 1.2 support, (yay),
while slipping
in a few bug fixes while they were at it.

And there was news from the multiple
languages front: Charlie et al switched
over the names on their paychecks while they continue to work on JRuby, and the wildly
successful JVM languages summit is happening
again this year.