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New SDN Article: Enabling Web Service Security With OpenSSO WSS Agent: Part 1, Introduction

Janice Heiss pointed me to the new SDN article "Enabling Web Service Security With OpenSSO WSS Agent: Part 1, Introduction", authored by Mrudul Uchil, Kamna Jain, and Rick Palkovic:

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is one of the more promising concepts to emerge in enterprise architecture recently. SOA involves the use of loosely coupled, independent application services made available across a network. These services communicate through a standardized, platform-independent protocol that hides the underlying implementation details of each service. For example, a .NET client can access a service that is implemented in Java. By using a standardized interface language, the application that publishes a service need not know anything about the calling application. This modularization makes SOA particularly useful for enterprise and inter-enterprise architectures...

Community: Java Enterprise